Peace. Love. Happiness.

Peace Love Happiness

peace sign. heart. smileyface.

Three words/symbols I used to doodle all over my Lisa Frank binders (ok fine maybe even up until my “College Rule notebook” days).

Funny how those three words are always in that order. Peace followed by Love + Happiness.

Did you ever think that in order to have love and happiness, first you must have peace?

We want peace in our heart that we will be taken care of by Our Creator. We want peace that the decisions we choose today, will be a fine example for our kids and our kids, kids. We want peace that we can learn from our mistakes and perhaps use them as stepping stones to rise above.

We need to have peace first, within ourselves so we can trust in our journey ahead.

When I chose to go to the University of Central Florida, I put A LOT of trust in my pros and cons list. I trust, I would get a a diploma after four years, I put trust in my teacher abilities that they would give the right tools to pass.

You trust your doctor, you pay him to do his job correctly and prescribe the right medicine. You trust your bank, right? Trust is present in all relationships, whether business related, or just between friends. Trust is the backbone of all relationships, but first it starts within yourself.

I remember my dad saying “I don’t trust anyone but myself.” (Not sure if he meant it, but kids remember these things). I thought this was weird at the time, but when you think about it, we all were taught at a young age you must earn others trust.

  • Kara I am trusting you not to tell anyone my secret?
  • Kara can I count on you to finish your homework before dinner?
  • Can I trust you that you will be on time, because I really can’t be late.

Earning the trust of others, proving yourself worthy, these are all external.. therefore they can not be taken away. Trust comes from within you, not in the hands of the others.

Rely on yourself, and know you are never alone.

Trust leads directly to peace. Once you have peace in your life, love and happiness simply flows.

LET GO AND LET LIFE. (place peace sign, heart, & smile here).


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