life on the island

An island where the primary means of locomotion is by golf-cart, bike, or simply walking.

Welcome to the beautiful Davis Islands

My internal clock has adopted to the island tempo, which is only defined by either fast or slow. With it comes a slowed down appreciation of life and all its entities.

It’s clear to me now that slowness has extraordinary virtues, which still fall under my unconscious conformity of living “forever young.”

Today I noticed the simple and purest love between a man and his best friend (a golden retriever), he took his dog off the leash and let him run free, after a while they just rolled around in the grass.

I noticed the speed limit in some of the neighborhoods is only 10 mph, a simple pace that lets you appreciate how the sunlight reflects off the surface of the water.

Today I noticed how a family of four rode bikes to the Davis Islands Yacht Club to picnic and watch the sunset go down together.

Today I noticed, I felt alive.



I wanted to share a small blurb from a book called Travels with Epicurus by Daniel Klein

A wealthy American man notices there are olive trees growing on the hills behind an old Greek mans property, but they are unattended, with olives just dropping here and there onto the ground. He ask the old Greek who owns the trees.

“They’re mine,” the Greek replies.

“Don’t you gather the olives?” the American asks.

“I just pick one when I want one” the old man says

“But don’t you realize that if you pruned the trees and picked the olives at their peak, you could sell them? In America everybody is crazy about virgin olive oil, and they pay a good price for it”

“What would I do with the money?” the old Greek asks.

“Why, you could build yourself a big house and hire servants to do everything for you.”

“And then what would I do?”

“You could do anything you want!!”

“You mean, like sit outside and sip ouzo at sunset?”


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