Reaching your New Year’s Resolution

Before you know it 2016 will be here and people will start posting about their resolutions for the New Year.

So here’s some quick facts and 3 tips to get chu some!

Only 8 % of the population who make resolutions are successful at achieving their goal. Eight. (

Well that’s depressing.

The age rate stats are a bit more uplifting – stating 39% of people in their twenties achieve their resolution each year – while ages 50 and over is a mere 14%.

The highest ranked resolution is losing weight, following that is getting organized and third most popular is spending less, and saving more.


  1. Create an attainable resolution, a goal which you can reach:

You must be realistic. Since the most popular resolution is losing weight I’ll use this as an example.

“I’m losing 75 pounds this year and keeping it off” vs “I will eat healthy and try to lose 10 pounds within the first few months” Obviously the second is more attainable, and allows you to keep setting goals as the year progresses.

(food for thought- and something I have done for years (well, ever since I started grocery shopping for myself). Next time you go to grocery store grab a basket and head straight to the fruit and vegetable section then fill up your basket. thought process: “Kara you don’t even have money to hit up the ice cream, chips, and cookie aisle.” It sounds ridiculous – I know – but when you look down at your basket and it’s full with fresh goodies, you have everything you need (ok there may be a few aisles you have to visit – but you get my point – fresh food first)

  1. Make your goals clear at the start of the year:

The more specific, the more likely you are going to succeed.

Having too many goals is overwhelming, don’t try to do everything, and be everything, focus on one specific goal. You can always add more after you achieve the first.

  1. Look to your friends to keep you accountable:

Surround yourself with friends who will uplift and support you – friends who are willing to give you feedback when needed. If you don’t have these friends.. you should probably make some new ones that will be supportive and help you through hard times.

Fresh start- fresh you!

2015 has been unreal – I lived, worked, and traveled in South America for 6 months; for a short while lived in Colorado; then packed my whole life and moved to Tampa, Florida. I am currently working for a company that continues to surprise and challenge me, every day… I am so thankful. I started doing some home improvement projects, cooking, kickboxing, and other new shenanigans (all very very entertaining to myself and my friends).IMG_5498

At the 1st of the month during the year 2016 I have set a new goal for myself, all twelve are small but very significant in creating my overall resolution. I have also tied a quote to each goal of mine. I decided this over the summer (click THIS to hear about THAT) and have been reading up on some books that inspired my planning.

They are attainable, unique and best of all make me smile when I imagine how they will play out.

CHEERS to 2016 y’all and may it be your best year yet!



– January –



New Years Eve 2012 – London, UK


Stonehenge, UK – Summer 2013



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