The reason behind settling down and getting my first full time position was based off one continuous goal of mine, aim higher. Aiming higher in every aspect of my life.. career, relationships, health, and being the best person I can be.

Long term international travel is exhilarating, spontaneous, and an adrenaline rush. I could easily be a hippy-nomad (never a dreaded hippy nomad tho), but after a while I missed schedule and mental challenge… continuing to ask myself where was the routine? I knew I had to make some changes. I want a hard life to endure so that at the end of my road (whenever that may be) I can look back at my accomplishments and smile because I know I tried to be the best version of myself every single day.

I realized I needed to hold down a position for over a year or two, in order to strengthen my networking, office management, and communication skills. Ironically I was blessed with a job whose main purpose is solely on building community and strengthening relationships among members (SO ironic .. foundation, staying grounded). I also realized in September 15’ I needed to firmly establish clear and attainable goals for my future company before I allow myself to follow the map to its edges. My quote for this month is “If you want to live a happier life, tie it to a goal, not people or objects.”

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Work on work life

Learning to enjoy the little things

Enjoy now

Find your secret spot


Work on work life. Never have I worked a M-F, 9-5 in my life. I’m still learning to find the balance between being professional and being Kara (things that aren’t socially acceptable: random burst of laughter, and loud spontaneous lyric belting). I realized this month that if I don’t speak up or have a voice, no one will know my opinion on things. This month I learned asking a ton of questions is a good thing and I now understand my purpose and place at work. I worked on speaking up for myself, being present and showing up, every day.

Learning to enjoy the little things. WOW, what a cool one! Life is made up of so many incredible small moments, and we must cherish them!! This month I took quiet time very serious, lunch breaks were spent exploring downtown parks and buildings, weekends were spent with friends, mornings and afternoons filled with people watching and nature viewing! Highlights: Being able to run with my own two legs; dancing with my sister; watching my best friend laugh; watching the sun rise or set #blessed

Enjoy now. Never again will you be able to life TODAY. This month I watched the sun set or rise every single day, during these moments I would visualize how 2016 would look and beyond. A few of the days I couldn’t go meet at the waters edge but wherever I happened to be at dawn or dusk you could find me looking up. Some mornings were cloudy, some afternoons were rainy but some sunrises made my mouth drop in awe. Whatever the condition each waking day I gave thanks and showed up. I was present.

Find your secret spot. I will share a blurb from something I wrote on Jan 27th – “The sun is about to dip beneath the earth, I can hear the humming of cyclist on the road behind me, fishermen are sitting casting their lines, two boys are laughing behind me playing with their dad, planes are ascending down from the pink milky sky. The night is settling and the world seemed to be in tune.” It’s in moments like these I am fully aware of my own awareness. I recognize the energies of others and nature in particular. This is my favorite time of day, a time where I am in full of awe of life and all its entities.

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January’s goals are continuous. I’m also reading a page a day out of a 365 book it’s on ways to build your frequency (some of it is sooooo odd like gazing into prisms for long hours, and different ways to read into the future, which isn’t for me, but quite interesting). I enjoy the small paragraphs on inner peace/ joy.

I am still learning to enjoy the simpler things in life and finding beauty in the ordinary days.

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