When I was younger, my parents would call me a “pack rat.”

Define: pack-rat- adj:

  1. an individual that lives beautifully in clutter; one that uses disorganization to cultivate inspiration and creativity
  2. one who attains much originality
    1. Synonym: resourceful. (Kara’s International Dictionary, K.I.D.)

My main defense to mother… “But MOM that’s for Kara’s Creative Korner, I can use it for an art project.” I would just call it being resourceful. Costumes, clothes, toys, doodles, papers, and more clothes (I’M YO GIRL). Too tell you the truth not much has changed. Really dreading this month but here we go.


Declutter Closet & Computer

Embrace good smells

Atmosphere of growth

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Declutter – Closet:

I have gone through my closet 30 times and only own a few of my high school clothes, which are just tshirts, so I went through my closet for the twelve time in the last 5 years and found a few things to give. I took them to Platos Closet to try to get a few bucks, guess they didn’t think I have style because I got $2.43 for one shirt. After Platos I went to the parking lot drop off bin and tossed the remaining clothes.


Declutter – Computer:

So I get it, my computer is slow because I have way too many photos. For the longest time I wanted to get my travel photos organized and off my drive. I decided that I should probably start saving them online so I will have them foreva! To give you an idea of the amount of photos I’m dealin with, just my 2014 folder was at 12,000 pictures/videos. The finally tally was at 32, 647 photos up until sept 2015. Since 2015 all my iPhone photos sync online automatically using Google Photos.

Embrace good smells: Smelling is something we often take for granted, through research I learned smelling is critical to our enjoyment and energy levels. It’s a cliché to “stop and smell the roses,” but HAVE YOU?! Make the effort and remind yourself that there is time to stop. To me sight and hearing always get the spot light, so March was all about EMBRACIN’ DA SMELLS (and it’s spring so it makes ‘scents’) hehe.

Two weeks ago I was walking through Tuesday Morning when I felt the urge to immediately find the item I was smelling on aisle number 6 in Britton Plaza, Tampa. When I picked up the candles I thought there was no greater smell of elixir on this blessed earth, the smell reminded me of home (Clear Blue Waters by Cheasapeake Bay Candle Co). I bought two sets of 12! At the beginning of the month, my friend told me she burned incense while doing yoga. I ever thought a scent could raise your energy frequency levels, but my scent does for me – Lavender Rosemary by Mistick (Namaste yall). I also bought myself my fav flowers! Sunflowers!

Atmosphere of Growth: Alright so this an ongoing one for me this year and should probs be in my personal mission statement for myself but that’s another day and another post! This month I created a year and a half timeline for myself, a new site to store my travel post on (more on this to come), and redecorated my patio aka my creative oasis. (WAIT FYI this is now this SITE, wacky face emoji goes here)!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Random things I learned in March: You do not have to have everything figured out but have a general idea of where you are going and the steps it takes to get there; Slow down; Simplicity is key; A goal without a plan is simply just a wish… WRITE IT OUT.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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