If you ever need a pen or a piece of paper… look no further. I’m your gal.

I almost always have a pocketsized journal and a fancy pen on me.

Throughout my day you may catch me writing down an idea in my head or a passage I read from a book or a quote I want to dissect more.

The meaning may not be clear at the moment, but if it crossed my mind or is significant to someone else then maybe, just maybe I’m missing something, or need to look at something in a new way. It’s one of my favorite things to do.. Time consuming but rewarding!

“Something becomes important because someone was paying attention.”

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Sharp mind

Avoid time wasters


Calligraphy: I’ve always been fascinated by calligraphy, but never picked up the pen till this month. I strolled into the small single standing studio one sunny Saturday morning, and learned all about calligraphy terminology and basic strokes. I remember walking into the shop thinking, this better be worth every penny… it was. I met some really neat people, and my teacher, Risha, was very talented. At the end of class the owner asked me to put in an application to work there, guess I made an impression (no pun here), i had to politely decline. Highly recc the Paper Seahorse for all your paperie and pen needs.

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I also took a hand lettering class one rainy Monday night at the Paper Source. Hand lettering and doodling has always been my jam, but I’ve noticed I’m not consistent. I’ve been working on how to keep my word art unique and strokes the same width. Check it out.

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Keep a sharp mind: 

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” -Henry Ford

Work fills up a large part of my life right now. And I know it will continue to from here on out, but we must learn to broaden ourselves with new subjects outside of our norm, such as diving deep in worldly issues, and understanding how issues may impact our traveling and living. And if its on your heart giving time to issues in which you can make an impact (

This month I signed up to do some hands-on non-paid research in something that I’m passionate about – ecotourism. I’m also getting certified in something I’m quite interested in – more on that lataaa’ (wacky face emoji goes here (alright kara stay focused)).


Avoid time wasters: I’m a sucker for old photos. Sometimes it’s a good thing, most of the time.. it’s bad. When it’s a good thing usually I am looking for an old photo from a story I’m trying to tell or silly photo of a friend to brighten his or her day. It’s a bad thing when I sit there scrolling through old photos of my adventures, pinning down memories that have gone by. The best term I can associate with this illness is ‘post travel blues’.

And it is very real.

So what do you do?! Sit there and feel sorry for yourself. No. You realize that your perception of the world has changed for the better, you appreciate the beauty of simple things (like thick napkins, great bathrooms, and Publix), you embrace your open mind, and realize that those experiences are the coolest gift someone could ever receive.

Diddo for scrolling through travel accounts I follow on Instagram. This month if I caught myself scrolling unintentionally, I would immediately stop what I’m doing and hop to a different activity (when able… I would actually hop to the next activity). No chill.
If you guys have no clue what this is all about please click here



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