In our day-to- day lives it’s easy to get caught up in things that go wrong, and at the same time we tend to take the people in our lives for granted. More often than not we look over the simple things such as someone opening the door for someone or the beauty of a smile.

When you live a life making gratitude a priority you recognize there is good, people deserve good, and that you are, in essence, good itself.

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So, yeah it’s my bday month, cheers to always tryin to carpe the hell out of this diem, soaking up every bit of life in my daily routine, and following through with my goals. This month I knew I would be receiving a bit more attention than normal from my family, friends, and coworkers so I decided the perfect word to dedicate to June is gratitude.

Tomorrow I’ll be one year older. As I’m sitting here I’m thinking of all the laughs, cries, joyous moments, and experiences I’ve had this year. Since my last birthday, I’ve lived in two states, I threw myself out there socially in meeting new groups of people through sports and mutual friends, I stayed loyal to having a new word and exercise goal each month, and I’ve shown up every – single  – day at my first ‘big girl’ job.

Editors note: BTW I’m on MONTH 6 of my Happiness Project (click link if you have no idea what I’m talking about)

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“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle


Daily Journal


Vision Board

Daily Journal: This was a great exercise for me to truly be appreciative of the good in my life. I have been blessed with work, relationships, my health, traveling, and being financially independent. But some days I find myself having a dark cloud over my head or a mini self-pity party. The daily journal was fantastic! I can always find something positive about my day! I’m not going to share my private journal but I’ll share some funnies (just for you):


On June 4th I wrote…  “I am thankful for my legs.”

(crying face emoji)!

June 10th I wrote.. Today the Ikea check out girl looked like she wasn’t in the best mood. I cracked a few jokes (something about Chick-fil-A being life itself), and at the end of checkout she couldn’t stop smiling she said “You have to be the best customer in here.”

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Others: I always feel like I receive way too much love and encouragement, but the thing is I get way more out of shedding my light to others, and being a gift to others. Everyone has different ways of looking at things, unique ways of thinking; each of these characteristics can be used to help enlighten other people. Consider yourself as a gift. Share your uniqueness with the world and see your life spark around you. Just be yourself.

Some things I did for others: I delivered Krispy Kreme doughnuts before work to the workers at Jiffy Lube because they totally turned my day around one Sunday afternoon when I was in distress. I told a manager that he needed to give one of his employees a raise because of his impeccable service, he really was great. I attempted (key word attempted) to pay for a man’s gas who was struggling but when I went out to our tanks he had already left…. Oops. Yummy soaps were given to my coworkers, just because they’re awesome; Over tipping happened; Rando compliments were thrown around like confetti; My smile lines became more prominent.

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Vision Board: Yo ~ you guys should totally try this. Soooo, like the cancer that I am, I’m very in tune with my emotions. I’m driven and determined by my feelings, but sometimes I need a reminder on what exactly I’m working towards. No I’m not talking about photos of Range Rovers, Prada purses, or unlimited Chick-Fil-A gift cards (because I know we all NEED those). Instead the vision board should focus on how you want to feel. Visualization is one of the most powerful exercises you can do. One night I got a bit creative *set the mood* candles, wine and all, and put together my favorite quotes, photos of smiling faces from my travels of people who inspire me, and other photos that symbolize my goals.

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I learned this month is not everyone is going to like me. I’m pretty out there and hyper.

There’s no denying certain relationships are more challenging than others, but through each we have an opportunity to grow and help others do the same.

There is no doubt every relationship teaches us something about loving, trusting, forgiving, taking care of ourselves, and taking care of each other.

SIDE NOTE: This month I tried out Ariel Yoga (aside from my normal workouts), it’s a lot of upper body. I loved it. Next month is a new exercise but this is 6/12 mo – half way done with the 2016 year!




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