Stuff I love & Resources


Easy does it: Currently my only photo gear is my iPhone 6S (can’t live without) and my GoPro 3.

GoPro3: As a huge adventure sport enthusiast I get a lot of use out of this little guy. He’s been everywhere with me. My favorite thing to do is take it in the water!




My dream camera is the Canon – EOS 7D Mark II EF-S 18-135mm. I also want to upgrade my GoPro soon!


The North Face is one of my favorite outdoor apparel companies out there, not only do they provide durable products, but the company has implemented positive initiatives that gear (hehe) toward the more responsible traveler (Interested? Read on about their program Clothes the Loop).

DA BABYYY! Absolutely in love with my Terra 65, ideal for multiday hikes and backpacking. Equipped with many well-placed pockets that come in clutch when on the move. Another feature is OPTIFIT™ (suspension fit system) which ensures all day comfort! User-friendly.. light!


My day bag // Hot Shot (waterproof) – The North Face // My favorite feature is all the pockets in the front zipper for my pens and travel essentials (Side note: I had to hitchhike my way off an island in the South of Chile during a horrible rain storm with this backpack on, and nothing got wet inside #blessed)!


Below is my Jester Backpack by The North Face. I purchased it way back in 2010 and it’s still going strong. Some of the lining has ripped inside but it still looks great, and gets they job done for being a handy daybag! You can roll it up too! It’s one of my favorite colors.




Owning a nice pair of headphones is essential for travelling. Having music to drown out a baby crying behind you on a plane, or to provide a certain ambiance on a train looking out the window makes travelling so much more enjoyable.
There are hundreds of different headphones out there. Noise-canceling to high quality budget options, there is something for every type of traveler.
So here’s my two favorites!
Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling (for walking in airports and NOT listening to babies crying on an airplane, oh and maybe as a sand shield while riding through Bolivia):


Powerbeats by Dr Dre (white) // I wear these lil doods about 3 -4 hours of the day. I LOVE LOVE  LOVE them. Why: They stay on my ears while running, Bluetooth allows no cord in the way and for me to have both my hands. Also I can adjust the sound on my Beats if my phone is somewhere in my backpack.


Travel Resources:

Websites and companies I use that make it easy.

Cheap Flights:

I use Kayak and Skyscanner, oh and Student Travel Association (but more on that later). That’s it – that’s all I use.

Travel Guides:

BOOKS: Lonely Planet is like the bible for travelers. Wait I take that back, but it really is the best!!  Tablets and ipads are great but I really enjoy a hard cover, especially a small sized one that is easy to carry around. The books are packed with accommodation tips, destination info, expert advise, and basically anything you need to know about the country you travel to.

ONLINE: TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site with millions and millions of users every month. It’s a great source to get travel info, opinions and photos about hotels, restaurants, attractions and things to do, all written by other travelers. People can also post reviews on TripAdvisor which makes it a more reliable source and just *REAL.*


Travel Insurance:

Do you have it? At first I thought it was a waste on money, but after reading the benefits I realized its really important. My plan is even cheaper than most regular health care plans here in the US. STA is hands down has the best customer service in the world of travel booking. They have never failed me, once when living in Santiago, Chile, my wallet was stolen out of my classroom and within two weeks I was back with another STA ID card. Time after time I have received impeccable service by STA. I’ve been using the Student Travel Association (STA) for four years now, since 2012. You should really check them out and #starttheadventure

Cheap places to stay:

I’ve used many booking platforms in the past but my favorite are the following:

Hostalworld: It’s the best hostel website with over 35,000 hostels worldwide. They send you an email confirmation afterward and your information is sent directly to the hostal staff, all you gotta do it show up (this can be difficult for some)! HA! This site also has tons of reviews and city guides for your viewing pleasure.

Airbnb: The absolute best! I love Airbnb because you feel like a local while travelling. Grocery shop with your neighbors; ride your bike around; explore on foot; be a local! From 3 day long trips to month-to-month stays. What ever type of travelling you want to do, find a unique Tuscan villa, city flat, comfortable cabin, or beach bungalow to fit your needs. I used Airbnb in Chile for 5 months. Here are my two different Airbnb views from my apartments.






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