Las Vegas – the desert’s sparkliest town

So my bf Becca and I decided to surprise our friend Courtney to a trip to Vegas last week. Since our weekends are Monday – Wednesday, known as the “hospitality weekend” we chose to drive to Nevada and stay two nights in Vegas (in retrospect, this was actually our best decision, cheaper than flying, lower room rates, deals on special tours, less crowded casinos, the Strip less crowded in general, and not to mention the best views driving through CO, UT and NV).

We jumped on Courts bed at 5 AM screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY we’re going on a road trip,” she had everything she needed packed in her bag already. Her boyfriend Jourdan was up and ready to go too! She didn’t actually realize where we were going until Utah, which was after the hangover quotes, Beatles songs, and dozens of signs saying VEGAS 256 miles.

Sin City – the desert’s sparkliest town

We stayed at the Linq, which is basically the best thing that has ever happened to Vegas. Killer location, good casual dining options, and affordable hotel for any recent college grad (or not so recent college grad). A stroll down the promenade toward the Highroller is a must, there’s outdoor seating (and you won’t be sucking in cigarettes), entertainment, and outdoor shopping options.


Again, the Highroller is the Linqs star attraction, reaching up to 550 feet, it is the world’s largest observation wheel, where you can get views of the Strip in all its neon glory!


The Highroller at night

We decided on going to the Cirque de Soleil show, LOVE, which is a tribute to the Beatles. Awe inspiring acrobatics, electric theatrics, colorful costumes, and intricate sets made your eyes gleam in wonder. The show will make you want to sing along and dance in your seat, all the while agreeing that LOVE is truly all you need.

The next morning we didn’t sleep in too late. Becs and I decided to hit up the Linq pool, we purchased a cabana which included some free drinks and much needed shade. The high this day was at 110 degrees.

we danced. we drank. we laughed – It was everything I pictured a Vegas day club to be loud music, beat synchronized splashing, matching bikini clad bartenders, and poolside twerk sessions.

loungin by the pool

This spontaneous trip reminded me to just go. Even if the destination isn’t first on your list, it may surprise you in a way you never thought it would. I would love to venture off to Downtown Las Vegas, where the locals hang or 4 wheel in the desert. There’s always next time!

Bonus! I got to see my sisters best friend Harrison, who is a recent local to Vegas

Not pictured: “the four of us wolves, running around the desert together, in Las Vegas, looking for strippers and cocaine.”

Just kiddin!! I couldn’t finish this blog post without putting at least one Hangover quote in.


Till next time, keep doing things out of your comfort zone, you may surprise yourself.


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