Ahhh the Bahamas // home to Atlantis, rum, pink sand and… pigs?


I took a trip to the Bahamas during a spring break cruise in March 2014 with some college friends. The Bahamas attracts millions of tourist every year mostly Americans and cruise ship visitors (like me and my friends)!  Many of my friends in South Florida and the Keys boat to the Bahamas for a weekend getaway. Must be nice!


Although I was only in the Bahamas for one full day I was able to compile some tips for YOU and your upcoming trip. Plan ahead and be smart about your trip so you can indulge in all that the Bahamas offers!

Accommodation – Renting a hotel room can be pretty  expensive. But there are some alternatives such as hostals, Airbnb’s and budget hotels to look into. If I get the chance to go back I would want to stay in a central neighborhood so I can live like a local!

Food – A typical sit down meal is anywhere between 17 – 25 BSD (Bahamian Dollars.. 17 – 25 USD), most restaurants specialize in American dining, but to get away from it all head outside of the city, to Abaco Beach and stop in the Oasis Restaurant for a delicious bite. (TripAdvisor claimed only great things, I have never been). When you settle your check keep in mind a 15% service charged will be included.

Transportation – We hailed a mini bus from the port to Atlantis, this is by far the cheapest option in terms of transportation in the Bahamas. Another popular means of transportation is by water taxi, Nassau Water Taxi, provides transportation between Paradise Island and the Nassau mainland. It’s $6 per person, round trip.

Activities – I mean its an island so you will have all the main water activities such as snorkeling, diving, and off shore fishing, and swimming with dolphins. These tours can range from 125 – 150 BSD so choose your favorite wisely! Hop on over to the Garden of the Groves on Grand Bahama, for cascading waterfalls and lush vegetation – Adults $16.50, Children (5-11) $11.00.

Money Saving Tips – Drink Rum

spring break 234 (1)

Senor Frogs, Nassau (must be old enough kiddos)!



Take time to relax… you’re in the Bahamas


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