Brussels is the capital of a small country  called Belgium, it’s home to the EU, the First World War (sites), and beer.. lots of it.


In fact Belgium has the most breweries per capita than any country in the world.

Oh and they are known for chocolate, waffles and frites too. I averaged about two of these a day, omg omg so good!


I call this trip, ‘bonzi – to – Brussels’ because it was spur of the moment. We had one goal, and one goal only. We were going to TomorrowLand in Boom, Belgium. Did we make it?


But we did have a minimum of one beer in each hand 85% of the time, so it ended up being ok, better than ok – we had a blast! A quick stop over when headed from Paris to Amsterdam is a must! Read below to hear why!


The Grand Place: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is in the center of city, and holds the Town Hall, Guild Hall, and many restaurants, bars, and your typical chocolate shop.

Tip: Every two years in August, a non-profit association called Tapis de Fleurs creates an amazing maze of compacted flowers called the Flower Carpet. This event allows local artist, illustrators, graphic designers, and landscape architects to come together to create a beautiful display that brings together the rich culture and history of this small but important country.



Manneken Pis: What an odd little attraction to be so popular. The  bronze fountain (below) sculpture designed by Jerome Duguesnoy depicts a naked boy peeing into the fountain’s basin. Tyler and I could not believe all the shop selling miniature replica Manneken Pis.. it’s literally a saute of a boy peeing and it’s all the rage. I still dont get it.


EAT FRITES + WAFFLES: When wandering through the streets I often felt like I was walking through Disney! The luring smell of chocolate and salty fries were wafting to my nostrils everywhere I turned. It’s a long-standing argument between the French and the Belgians over who invented ‘French Fries,’ but we all know Americans made them the most popular, right… Right? Any waffle shop will do, they all are preeeetty yummy. We had one for breakfast each morning.


Beer me Brussels: The best: Module,

Atomium: Named Europe’s most bizarre building by CNN. This stainless steel sphere shaped building was constructed in 1958 for the World Fair, its now a popular museum just outside the city.


At the foot of the Atomium is a miniature park called Mini-Europe. The small park holds roughly 80 different cities within the European Union. We goofed around here for a bit after the Atomium tour because our Hop on and off Tour Bus didn’t show for two hours.


Galeries Royales Saint-Hurbert: As you guys know from my blog, I’m not a spender, but I do appreciate some window shopping. This place (believe it or not) is the oldest shopping arcade in Europe.






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