And then it came to me while sitting in a coffee shop last Sunday. I’ve always been a fan of symbolism and digging deeper into the meaning of a quote or something I read in a book. Anywhooo, I’ve been trying to think of a logo for almost a year now…and I think I nailed it down.

Symbols within the logo: KC (initials); the K can be interchangeable with an I.. when viewed in this light I can’t help but to think I am the only person that will take me to where I want to be in life (this is huge to me). The K and C are connected by zig zagged lines (this is because I’m creative but my life and personality are crazy, they probs annoys the crap outta you because I’m pretty sure they aren’t even but it’s allll good to me) this symbolizes waves of constant change in my life.

Depending on how you look at it they are always going up, change makes you grow and learn while transcending upward. I included an arrow pointing up too because I’m trying to shoot beyond the stars in every aspect of my life. This arrow serves as a axis on the globe… And it ultimately makes my world go round, which in the long run is my happiness and fulfillment in life (some of my future blog post will be categorized by seasons in the future). Last but not least my fav colors are on the globe. Green can symbolize ecotourism and sustainability management which is the core focus of my website and career.

If you tilt your head right.. you realize your glass is always half full and much brighter than someone else’s, you take a moment to appreciate what you have. You realize that you have the freedom to explore and wander in awe all across the globe… all you have to do is seek and find the meaning within.



Hope you like the logo.

KLC (Aug 2016)


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