I flew into Lima by myself a few days before the arrival of my family and the Fairleigh’s  came in, I can truly say this is where I felt the presence of being in South America the most.

After I touched down in Peru I got some money out and hailed a taxi from a reliable taxi stand inside the airport (major key alert: get your taxi inside the airport, its absolute chaos outside the Jorge Chávez International Airport)

“Estamos vamos a Miraflores, porfa.”

Then I took the craziest car ride of my life, in a new country, in a new city, solo..

As I was looking out the window I realized.. this is the South America I was seeking all along.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Crazy, but I finally got the real sense that I was in a foreign country. Did I really live as an expat in Chile the last few months? Was I really about to go on the hike of a lifetime with my favorite people? At one point I wondered why the heck it was taking so long to get from point A to point B (for a sec I thought I got highjacked by some Peruvian cab dood, but its just that the airport is about 30-45 mins northeast of the main hotel district).

Quick recap of days leading up to the rents and fam friends arriving.. I checked in Hostal Dragonfly in Lima where I worked for a few days on their social media, I also filled in for bartending one night (guys I’m not as cool as you think, I think I only opened like 2 beers). I spent the rest of my time biking in the Barranco District, exploring by foot, chatting with hostal mates, going out clubbing and also running along Lima’s AWESOME bike/ exercise path!

See yall in the comments


Ride your bike to the Barranco District one day, streets are lined with beautiful blooming bougainvillea trees. Great bike path to this district… bargain for some jewelry beneath the Bridge of Sighs, next to this beautiful yellow iglesia  






Inside the Cathedral de Lima, you must hail a taxi here from Miraflores (aka hotel district).


Lima’s Catacombs, connected to Church of San Francisco. So yaaaa, those are all skulls and bones inside the catacombs and these holes go down about 5 stories…. f i v e stories yall.  There are believed to house the remains of more than 25,000 people, though some experts say that it’s closer to 70,000….. (wiki… that a big difference lol). Enter at your own risk…. kidding but you will go underground so watch yo head, if you’re afraid of the dark, death, or are extremely claustrophobic I wouldn’t go. Only paid equiv to $2.50 USD cheap but creepy.


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