Lake District

From the journal:

May 3rd, 2015

I arrived yesterday to my first workaway experience. It was quite the journey to get out here. At 5:15 pm I took a bus by myself from Santiago to Orsono. It was the longest bus ride I have ever taken. I got in at 4:50 AM. It was pitch black. I was in a new city I’d never been to before at 5 in the morning. I took a walk around town to try and find a hotel lobby I could hang out at till my next bus, it was realllly sketchy. I went off a side street and finally found a small hotel where I could kill a few hours. Using my broken Spanish I somehow managed to get some free breakfast and wifi.. lol check out the personal buffet.


I hadn’t eaten in since breakfast from yesterday morning in Santiago.. I was hungry. I left the hotel at 7:30 because the mans boss was coming and the receptionist didn’t want to get in trouble. lol. I found the Mercado Manicipal bus terminal. I asked around for which bus to take and hopped on one to Entre Lagos where my workaway guy (whom I have never met) was suppose to meet me. I was really pissed on the bus because no one would let me use their phone or whats up, I needed to contact the guy to let him know I left, but I didn’t have data. Finally a woman let me use hers (maybe all this was a language barrier but I was mad) the calls didn’t work.

In Entre Lagos I watched the sunrise over a lake.



Finally I got wifi and was able to contact Greg. (I waited approx two hours in that town. I remember I walked around for the majority of those two hours). Finally Greg arrived, we made a few errands and headed toward the lodge. (My first thoughts about Greg) He is very informative, knows his research on tourism and premaculture, and very intellectual. When we turned into the property I was amazed at the beautiful thick trees, luscious forest, OH EVEN a waterfall! (in the photo below you can make it out on the right…)


I took a walk right when I got there, took some photos, at two we had lunch.. Annabella (Maybe 65? year old woman from Portugal) caught a huge fish last week.


The meal was small potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, beautifully baked fish, carrot red dressing, salad, fresh baked bread, and garlic sauce.. (wait pause. was this real life? did I really eat dozens of meals like this in exchange for manual labor.. yes. yes I did).

The rest of the day I took a walk long the beach and talked to a Canadian dude, Jake (hey we still keep in touch, cool).

This morning I woke up at 9 had an amazing breakfast which consisted of avenda pasas, flax, jam, mazana, plantano y un te. So delicious. It’s raining today so I don’t think we will be able to hike. I wish I could go on a trail run. Can’t get fat Cur. I miss Florida today. I can see my breath in the cabin even when the fire is right beside me. It will warm up when the rain clears.


May 6, 2015

The woman from Portugal smokes all day long in between her laundry shifts. No one hears but at night she coughs in her sleep. I have to share a room with her. I don’t mind.. I usually sleep through her coughing.

.. I had the most interesting conversations during my ride with Greg on our way to the cabin. I will never forget these words he said “As you begin to get older Kara you realize your time is short, and what you do with your time is valuable.” He told me he wanted to make an impact or footprints in the sand. I told him to keep waking up everyday with that same dream and positive attitude, till he’d reach his goal. You taught me that although our time is short we can still make a meaningful impact where ever our hearts desire.

(The last thing I wrote…) As of now it feels good to be lost in the right direction.


(I remember this was the first time in the 4 months I had been living in Chile, that I felt homesick.. Tyler was finishing up work in Santiago and this trip was all me.. he would meet me in Chiloe Island Archipelago just weeks later).


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