Florida Panhandle // Hospitality standpoint

The rapid growth of tourism worldwide has created many challenges and opportunities for established and emerging tourism destinations. Currently, I am attending George Washington University online where I am working towards receiving a certificate in Sustainable Tourism Assessment and Development. My goal is to retain more information about this particular route within the fascinating world of travel and leisure! These courses are allowing me to think outside of the box not only as a travel blogger but also as a global citizen, and industry worker looking to improve the quality of life in various destinations across the globe. As an advocate for sustainable change I think it is really important to know about the impact you make when traveling to a new country of city.  

In June 2017 I will be creating an extensive sustainable assessment on my hometown which is tucked away in the Florida Panhandle. (Visitor profile; conduct resident attitude surveys; identify potential visitors… products and projects; analyzing social and environmental impacts)

Till then heres a quick (really really quick) recap of home.


A small but safe, progressive community that offers white sandy beaches, A+ school options, and a plethora of retail and service outlets for tourist and locals.

Home offers a strong economic base for individuals of all ages. It’s receptive to all visitors, offering endless recreation activities (on and off the water), having moderate transportation systems, and plenty of dining options!

The City of Gulf Breeze maintains exceptional medical services at the Andrews Institute. Professional athletes from around the globe get special attention here with world-renowned physicians and doctors.

The quality of life is relaxed, friendly and salty.


Through positive economic development strategies Santa Rosa County and Escambia County have fostered synergy between locals and tourist alike.

 “Some call it vacation…  we call it home.” – locals ;)

Next on tap: View the top dining spots and where to get the best seafood in the Florida Panhandle.




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