Top 5 spookiest hotels in America

It’s that time of year for flickering lights, swaying curtains, cool blowing air and mysterious voices.


First off why do we have so many scary hotels in America? This is a thing, guys. A very real thing.

-Top 5 creepiest hotels in America-

Is it weird I’ve been reading about creepy hotels all across the US the past 3 hours (and absolutely loving every second)?

So the thing is I secretly love hotels, when I graduated from college my grandma gave me a book titled “The Most Historical Hotels in America,” I’ve read it a few times. From learning about the amenities they offer to learning about everything it takes for one guest to have a peaceful night’s rest, I looove it. The down side? Many hotels have to deal with situations that could damage their company, such as vandalizing, scandals in hotel rooms (ew), lawsuits against non-handicap accessible areas, food poisoning and in today’s discussion GHOST.

These hotels I wrote about are making money off paranormal activity, which is a bonus.. I mean they are literally just bankin off dead peeps.

I could write about 20 MORE scary hotels in America for you but I chose my top 5 fav’s – so here it goes!


  1. The Stanley Hotel: I visited the Stanley when I took a solo through Colorado in Summer 2016. I didn’t have time for the 5 hour tour because I had to bonzi through the Rockies and make it Grand Lake by sunset, (but maybe you’ll get a chance)! The place smelled of ‘rich mahogany and leather bound books….’ and looked a little bit like the White House. This haunted hotel inspired Steven King to write “The Shining” while he stayed in room 217.  Head to the front porch for a beautiful view of the Rockies! Chat with the staff to see if its all true or head down the hill to the quaint little town of Estes Park, Colorado!


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2. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel: Dubbed to be one of the most haunting hotels in America, this hotel lies smack dab in Hollywood. It is reported Monroe has been spotted numerous times in a mirror in room 229 and dancing in the ballroom. I suggest you grab a stiff drink at the Library Bar and chat with the bartenders to see if they think its more creepy than glamorous.


3. The Logan Inn: Located in quaint town of New Hope, Pennsylvania sits this spooky Inn. The mother of the owner, Emily is known to haunt the halls and rooms, especially room number 6. Watch out though Emily is known to play tricks on guest and frequently rearranges luggage. (HECK NO – I am not INN).


4. The Myrtles Plantation: Welcome to Louisiana’s Voodooland! 12 ghost have been rumored to haunt this beautiful plantation. Aspiring ghost hunters are welcomed to visit and may catch a glimpse of Chloe, a former slave of the Myrtles Plantation. PS: This property looks absolutely beautiful!! I wanna go visit. PS.S: If double dogged dared I would even stay a night.


5. Hotel del Coronado: I’ve seen photos of this iconic grand hotel and was actually born in San Diego but I have never been. Quick spooky history behind this place: A woman named Kate Morgan checked in back in 1892, she stayed for a few days claiming her brother had her luggage and would be meeting her. Over the next few days the hotel staff became increasingly concerned as she appeared ill and pale. She took a streetcar into San Diego to buy ammunition and a pistol, the next morning they found her dead on the steps of the hotel leading to ocean. Supposedly the restless Kate has roamed around for more than 100 years, seen mostly in the lobby, corridors, and rooms 3327 and 3519. This legendary seaside resort is great for any type of traveler, whether you’re looking for romance, event space, adventure sports, or bustin’ GHOST the Del’s got ya!


So that’s it my little history buffs – and to think we didn’t even scratch the surface of haunted hotels in the world.

Have you stayed in any of these hotels? Are you too afraid to even enter the lobbies?

See yall in the comments! Have a safe and SPOOKY Halloween!



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