It’s not pronounced ‘DONE-EE-DIN’ for no reason, because by the time you leave this little town you certainly will be ‘done eating.’

This charming town is tucked away along the Gulf of Mexico, its full of charming touches like cobblestone streets, antique shops and the oldest craft brewery in Florida.

Although it’s a bit of a drive from my island oasis, Davis Island, it’s worth an afternoon immersed in nature, sunshine, and good eats!

My first time to Dunedin was love at first sight. Some college friends and I decided to do a self-guided brew hoppin’ tour one afternoon in August. We were not disappointed. The day was hot, the beer was cold, and we were happy. First stop was the 7venth Sun Brewing Company, not only were their seasonal beers delicious, but they also have games like darts, pool, giant connect 4, and more! My friend Becca and I can get competitive, lucky for us it wasn’t ‘who can chug the most beers’ at this place! On our way to our second brewery we smelled something sweet and immediately found the source, Strachan’s Ice Cream!! We stopped off for a quick cone and walked to our next brewery!!

Make sure to stop off at Florida’s Oldest Craft Brewery, Dunedin Brewery, just a short walk from the main square. Décor and history is influenced by the Scottish settlers who made Dunedin their home back in the nineteenth century. The name Dunedin comes from Dùn Èideann, the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh, (take the guided tour to learn more)! Drink some drank, and nibble on some great appetizers, I recommend the Loaded Nachos and Sweet Potato Tots, and to drink the Apricot Wheat.

A quick drive or bike ride over to the Dunedin Causeway is a must around sunset. Cruise on over and pull right up to the waters edge. Kayak rentals and sail boats are available for rent at Sail Honeymoon. Paddle it out to Caledesi Island or ride into Honeymoon Island State Park for only $8.00 per car ($2.00 on bike). Views are sure to be remarkable no matter what the weather.

I decided to run all along this beautiful strip of paradise! 7 miles to be exact!

 After you’ve had some R and R (or ran 7 miles, you NEED food) I suggest one of my favorite cuisines, mexican, at Casa Tina. Margs are killer here! Cirque du Soleil style entertainment is provided by Dance and Circus Arts of Tampa Bay (tips are much appreciated). We had no idea this entertainment was provided, such a pleasant surprise as we ate our free chips and salsa! It is such a vibrant restaurant and you really get the feeling youre in Central America. My favorite thing was the authentic wall décor, which is lined with beautiful handmade pieces from Mexico, I assume “Tina’s” collection. Hecho en Mexico.

I’ve never stayed the night over in Dunedin, but this little town does provide some unique bed and breakfast accommodations to rest your head.

Oh did you stay the night? Need coffee? I suggest Dunedin Coffee Company, beautifully crafted espressos (like the one above) and seasonal lattes await! Awesome staff!
Friendly residents, relaxed atmosphere, music in the streets, and a wealth of little indulgences, like the coffee shops, antique stores, and wine bars.

A day trip to Dunedin is sure to be a catch, however that may look for ya!


This post is the first post within my microexploring category.

I believe you don’t need to travel to great distances for adventure. Options to explore are all around us at any given moment in time. It can be a day trip to a new city, a bike ride in a different area, visiting a local market, pitching up a tent, or taking a dip in the sea.

It can be your escape from

e v e r y t h i n g   or   nothingatall.

Just get out there




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