I grew up in a small town in the Florida Panhandle, sheltered to a certain extent but when I went to college it was a whole new world of diverse students and a new path of self-discovery. When I joined Theta Alpha in 2010 I was immerse into this huge group of beautiful women who had the most inspiring journeys. These women, my sisters, dealt with a lot.. lupus, rare diseases, obesity, death of close family members, illness, and heartbreak. I remember thinking my prayer request were always so minuet compared to them, “Please pray I pass my exam Wednesday.” 

Then a tragic event happened to my best friend our freshman year of college. Her father passed away. It was one of the hardest things to see my best friend suffer and go through that. I will never forget his loving spirit, contagious smile and love for the Boston Red Sox. We go about our days thinking each one is permanent and unshaken… but its in moments like these that I contemplate gratitude, mindfulness (and in this month) death.

Actually, I think if death often… (not in a weird way, I’m not engaging in any morbid activity over here on the island like dancing around a fire holding a seance (wait what cur?) but it is ironic Halloween this month and there are skulls and spider decorations all over my place (sweaty smiley face emoji goes here)).



October – Contemplate Eternity

Don’t count the days

Short story

La Luna

“There are times in the lives of most of us, when we would have given all the world to be as we were but yesterday had passed over unappreciated and unenjoyed.” – William Edward Hartpole Lecky

Don’t count your days make your days count: Corny quote but meaningful. None of us know when to were going to die. But we have the choice to get up and positively impact people in various ways throughout our day, today! This month I kept this quote “Don’t count the days.  Make the days count.” ~Muhammed Ali in the back of my mind. Nature trails were explored, adventuring in new areas by bike happened, running while sunset watching and beachin it were all in pictureee.  I tried to not let the petty things get to me, traffic, small annoyances with hospitality workers, and doing the dishes. It’s uplifting to count your blessings and appreciate your ordinary existence of THIS DAY!



Short Story: Mhmm so this is ongoing. Originally my goal was to write 500 words a day…. (Yeahhhh that didn’t go far). So far you could describe my short story as enchanting, curious and inspiring! In thinking about eternity this month, I wanted to tie in my grandfather that had passed when I was in elementary school. The short story is a collection of memories that I wrote about the “could of’s.”  It’s a written account of events leading up to a big adventure. More on this lates’

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La Luna: Octobers in Florida are beautiful, especially at night, when the sky is crisp and clear. The night air seems fresh and cool. This month was quite interesting I wasn’t sure at first how I would create being mindful of eternity every single day but I decided that first week while running one night that I would give thanks to the moon for the day! Gratitude is important to happiness. It’s important to give thanks for what you have so your mind isn’t comparing. You’ll see you gain more generosity and love within in you. Looking at the sky always makes me feel so small and insignificant. I love the feeling. I remember when I would hope for the things I have today.


Final thoughts on Oct’s phrase: I read somewhere a few weeks ago that said something along the lines of this.. ‘we mourn more about the death of loved ones and friends, than we do our own lives.’ It made me think, and I realized that I do too. I cry at funerals and when my friends grandparents pass, it’s our natural emotion to be sad. But at the same time, it brings me to the present and that I’m here on earth, given this day, living for today and putting my best foot forward for my hope for tomorrow.

And still learning, because that is the longest run on sentence ever written.

ok BYEEEEEEE till Nov!




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