Final Thoughts on 2016 – My Happiness Project

The year of my Happiness Project:

This year was a reminder to never get too complacent and comfortable but to always push yourself to the limit. I want to be someone who is always learning.


With being the Cancer that I am, everything I do seems to be driven by my feelings and emotions. One of the main characteristics of Cancers is their high levels of being overly sensitive (good and bad thing), also up there is knowing how to appeal to the emotions of others. I am 100% characterized by these two things. I’ve noticed over the years I get a lot of pleasure in effectively motivating others to get their ‘s***’ straight.  But in September 2015 I noticed this characteristic of myself took over too much of my time. I didn’t like it. I literally woke up one day and said to myself in the mirror… “You never got a chance to just Be Kara…” After this I made some huge changes in my life

Will you live your life in dogma… or go for the gusto?

This year was all about being mindful of each and every day. I knew I would be in one city for at least a year or two so I mapped out how I wanted to be better to myself as an individual, friend, daughter, sister, neighbor, and citizen in my community 

(Editors note): Yo guys if you have no idea what I’m talking about head over here. Quick run down: I read a book in 2015 that inspired me to create 12 different goals and 12 different exercises each month in order to make the best of my time living in the present… in Tampa, FL. Below is my final thoughts on the twelve month of the year – December.  Project Dates: Jan 16 – December 16


Encrypted into my well being is positivity, the need for adventure, and the gift of giving without expecting anything in return. I get much pleasure out of being mysterious (ha!) and keeping people guessing… most people think I’m absolutely crazy … smiling, laughing, skipping, random burst of song/dance but I think I’m fascinating. Everyone should go about their day believing they have a gift to give the world and are wonderfully made.


2016 was sure an adventure in its own (one I would have never dreamed of walking along).. no it didn’t include (not even one step outta this country) international travelling but it taught me a world of knowledge and life lessons that I will take with me forever on my journey through life.

This year I learned scandals are real (not just in tv shows), I learned cheating actually happens (not just in movies). I was told lies. I heard cries from my previous home, Orlando, as tragedy struck through the City Beautiful. I heard co-workers talking behind my back. I learned that some people are too scared to live out their dreams. I cried. I watched my country divide during the presidential election. I learned you can fail at something you don’t even love. This year I learned there is ugly and darkness in the world.

But I also learned you can choose to see the beauty.


This year I chose to see the light in many situations that were ugly (examples: trying to be nice to people who don’t care about your well being, people lying to your face, people stealing from you and meaningless gossip just to name a few) because we all know everything happens for a reason. —> I learned no matter where my steps may take me in this BIG world..

happiness will follow me wherever I go

because happiness is in me,

therefore all around me and I am in essence,

happiness itself.

Jeez guys don’t cry on me… but seriously I’ve come a long way… I remember I used to pray for things I have now, wow I have a car (but I’d rather be driving a Vespa in Italy), my apartment is bad ass (but I’d rather live out of a backpack), and I’m actually taking the steps to follow my dreams (YIPPPIE)! Oh and my friends and family think I’m crazy (but stellar). Something unique I added into my personal project was focusing on 12 different forms of exercise, a different activity each month (just for fun (monkey covering eyes emoji goes here)). Kickball, Golf, Spinning, Half-Marathon, Stadiums, Aerial Yoga, Ballet.. etc.


 Fierce selfie post kickboxing! Probably my favorite exercise out of all 12.

This year I learned about perseverance in myself, its my perseverance and drive that will take me as far as I want to go in life. I really can do anything that I want and I will continue to believe this for all of my days.

I want to feel every feeling and emotion life has to offer.

I want to feel, taste, smell, see and touch it all.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I also learned this year that I will always be too much for someone… Too loud. Too intimidating. Too edgy. But I’ve come to realize these make up who I am. I’m confident, independent, emotionally inquisitive, cultural (HA), crazy, hyper, positive, adventurous and loving. These traits make up me ;) take it or leave it but I’m going to just Be Kara for all the rest of my days.


Biking in Tulum, Mexico.. not a care in the world.. just living in the moment

So yeah that’s it life learners2016 is in da bag!!! Did you live it fully?! Do you recall a specific time you felt alive during 2016? Well try to re-create that moment everyday (take a bike ride, run, meet someone new, go walk a different area of town) and continue to live in the present moment of here and now. Maybe you feel inspired start your own happiness project for 2017. It’s fun and can look how ever you would like.

Many blessings to you and those closest to you as we embark on 2017. I hope yours is filled with happiness and simple smiles in enjoying the present. Off to a new continent in January – follow it on my travel account if ya currrr.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal. And a Happy New Year.

May something worth smiling about happen to you today.



Afternoon kayaking sesh after I ran my first half-marathon



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