Well November you’re over and the last month of the year is in full holiday swing.

When I think of the month November I think of Thanksgiving.. it also serves as a time for me to evaluate my year thus far, and plan for my last month, December, 2016. Most people associate November with food + family. So, I decided this was a great time to keep a food log, and focus on Self – Care.



Food Log


Eliminate to be thankful

LOL (literally)


Food Log and Eliminate: This month I wanted to apply the principles of mindfulness in a much less elevated context: my eating habits. I would call myself an eccentric eater. HA! I pretty much know I’m going to burn off what ever I eat, and this is my problem entirely. I guess it’s positive I recognized this. I tend to overlook the snacks I intake and small indulgences like 2-3 cups of coffee in the am, excessive amounts of peanut butter and my favorite dessert… icecream.

So I gave up all three of them in November.

(side note (so fam doesn’t call me out) I accidently had icecream on Nov 25th 2 scoops of cookie dough to be exact, I TOTALLY FORGOT guys).



Chai Tea is my new favorite, oh and Matcha. Matcha. Matcha.


I’ve never truly given anything up. I think I gave up soda for lent back in middle school, and since then I haven’t been a soda drinker.

Anyway, I kept a food log for the first time in my life in order to be mindful of what I am sticking in my body. I didn’t diet, but the food log definelty made me realize I don’t eat balanced meals.  I also gave up my favorite three foods to be more thankful of them. I really enjoy the smell of a cup of coffee it truly awakens my senses and even lifts my spirits. Peanut butter is my one true love, ‘I put that s*** on everything’ apples, bananas, smoothies, pretzels, my cereal bowl and spoons. But I realized I over indulge in PB. I used to have like half a cup a day. Seriously. So I cut it out and hope to eat less of it. Ice cream is my favorite dessert on the planet. My favorite is chocolate mint, I’ll eat it all though. So I gave it up (with the exception is Nov 25th, totes forgot, honestly).

Giving up my three favorite foods taught me to be thankful for them on the reg.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Things women do on the regular also happened like pampering.. I shopped, got my hair done, nails done. Rare. Oh, and I bathed too guys! Aren’t you proud of me!? #selfcare

The last was LOL.. literally. I think my life is hilarious. I go about my days thinking the world is conspiring in my favor and that God is the ultimate comedian. Can’t be serious all the time. If something is funny in a convo or in your mind, just lol. HA! At my aunts house this thanksgiving I got my cousins and I in a laughing circle. It’s a game where you have your head on someone’s stomach while laying down, and you just start belly laughing. It’s quite funny, my grandfather even got a laugh while watching us from the couch.



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