Pre-India Thoughts

Last year I was asked, “What is the most foreign country in the world to you?”

My response: “India.”

At that point in time I had no idea I would be journeying to India just 4 months later..

But here I am and it’s January and I’m leaving for my ‘most foreign country in the world’ in less than two weeks.


Here’s what I know.

Throughout my travels and life I have adopted a ‘go with the flow’ attitude, I have learned that it is the only way to retain my sanity. I feel as if India will have many obstacles for me, even as a seasoned solo female traveler, in situations I will encounter and relationships I will form. The thing I’m most scared about (yes, I’m scared, shocking) is what my eyes will see as I confront poverty and scarcity throughout the lands. I read about Mother Teresa’s time in India, forming her Missionaries of Charity’s while living in poverty struck Calcutta. It was rather an overwhelming morning of reading for me, and I can’t quite translate the words to my own personal pages, I must see it to reflect further on this. I will not be traveling to the Calcutta area this time around, nor am I sure I ever want to see the dehumanizing predicaments of the poorest of the poor in the slums.. time will take its course for me.

India will be a challenge when I’m traveling solo, I’m sure of it, but it’s a challenge I was born to embark on. Playfully unpredictable. Constant exploration. And mind-stirring mysteries.

I feel as if she has already reminded me in some uncanny but sultry voice: “You have come so far, Kara, and you have so much left to learn.”

She seems addictive, exotic, and soulful. I want to embrace every bit of her powerful soul through her people. Taste every delicious dish. And notice the vast canvas that will lie before me, from the snowcapped mountains in the north, to the central plains, and beyond. I want to see it all.

Follow my safari adventures on my Instagram account @karacederquist // First stop is in Madhya Pradesh, at the lovely luxury lodge… Jamtara Wilderness Camp.  I’ll be traveling around with my dear friend Amit Sankhala’s tour companies Encounters Asia and Dynamic Tours throughout the Golden Triangle till April 2017.

India is suit for any type of traveler, whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, hiker, or wellness guru, Amit and his team will create an experience beyond your wildest dreams.


This life. I’m beyond grateful to wonder in awe at all its people. And relish in its delightful moments. And to live out my wildest dreams.




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