Lodge Livin’

The first night, we sat around a bonfire, beneath the banyan tree, and spoke about adventures and simple joys. I told everyone I “happy-cried” at the first sight of the camp, they told me “You’ll get use to it.” Update: Week two – still not used to it and oohing/ahhing daily. The first night at “camp” I went to bed thinking I was the luckiest girl in the world.


The main focal point of the lodge is the infinity pool that cascades down from an open-air living and dining space.

The two dining room tables are made from mango tree and sit anywhere from 12 – 14 people comfortably. Not only does the table tell a story but so do the people who I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with. You can choose to dine with other lodge go-ers or dine alone.

There are a few other places where you may lounge and eat on property, that are perfect for a special occasion or just because! The property is yours to explore. This couple below had a surprise lunch in the forest. How enchanting!

Historical art pieces line the walls of the interior, feel free to take aside a guide to tell you about the Tiger Man, who left a legacy.

Lounge inside with a cool beverage or head outside for a different atmosphere. The world is your playground – exploring continues even after a day on the safari. Head outside to the library, a covered reading area to brush up on some facts about the exotic birds you encountered that day or take a dip in the infinity pool.

In the afternoon let the sway of the tall grass calm your essence and take a moment to appreciate the day, for all it’s worth.

After dusk make your way to the banyan tree a place where the laugher is contagious and the drinks flow endlessly. Around the bonfire feel free to share stories of the days adventures, passions, and happy memories. This is my favorite hour of the day, aside from their faces gleaming by the fire I see guest are glowing from within. I call it the magic hour. The banyan roots are humming with life and the forest creatures are in full swing.

Sleep Accommodation: Jamtara Wilderness Camp has 10 luxury tents and a StarBed too (more on this later)!

Each tent is dissembled before monsoon season and put back together in September. Every tent is fully furnished with mirrors, a small couch, a desk, lighting fixtures, a bench, comfy king bed, and a fully equipped bathroom. Lounge indoors or sip something warm while watching the sunrise on your own personal porch. Photo below: I’m sippin on some hot chai.

Send a letter home or journal about your adventures of the day at your desk.

Tent is visually pleasing but more importantly comfortable, a perfect place to rest your head after a game drive.

More photos from my favorite hour around the bonfire.

Around the Lodge

Transportation: 6 passenger vans run to and from other parks and nearby cities, please see below for contact details. Safe and reliable transportation, they will take care of you!

Food: Jamtara offers a wide variety of food options for your taste buds and dietary needs. Before arrival it is best to give any dietary restrictions you may have, in order for us to give you the best experience possible. Always remember to consult with your doctor before any major trip out of the country before departure.

Feeling wild? Contact the team at 090981 87253 or email them at info@jamtarawilderness.com or gm@jamtarawilderness.com

Experience India’s diverse nature, connect with the local culture, and expand your knowledge. Jamtara awaits.


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