Rear view mirror – india

The drive to Jamtara was one of the most humbling roadtrips of my life. 

From my window I noticed ~diversity~ along the highway, we shared lanes with people pedaling on bike, driving tractors, motorcycles, brightly colored shipping trucks, and … cows. We passed women wearing colorful saris picking berries, kids running after each other, and five herds coming in at dusk. 

The sunset dipped beneath the horizon while chatting with a wheat farmer on the side of the road, he said in just one month his wheat field will be golden brown. I didn’t speak his language but I noticed how proud he looked, with his hand on his hip gazing out with a big grin. 

At first sight, the lodge took my breath away, and I had a small “happy-cry” moment in front of the boys. This is my new home. These are its people, and I am here.

At night we all gather around the bonfire beneath the banyan tree and share our passions, adventure stories from the day, and happy memories.  

As I look around the fire, I see people light up with happiness, outside they are gleaming but more importantly they are glowing within. The laughter is contagious and the enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures in nature is present. 

I call this hour, the magic hour. It’s my favorite time here at Jamtara.

More to come. 


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