Travel Can Cure

Breakups.. we have all been there.

Wahhh wahh wah. Its ok to have a mini pity party… but then theres a time where you must move forward with your life.

For me the best way I move forward is clearing my mind and body through travel. Getting out and seeing the world for all its splendor, brings you back to the heart. I truly believe travel is the best way to gain newfound independence and a chance to grow.


Beautiful couple! Framjee is the CEO of Holiday @Leisure in Bombay, India. Photo taken after yet another flawless breakfast at Jamtara Wilderness Camp.


Listening to the world around you has lasting effects on the body and mind. Being a good listener can help you see the world through the eyes of others. It enriches your understanding, you can improve your communication skills all the while expanding your capacity for empathy. The world is full of magic, but only for those who are able to listen.

Meet new people:

It’s so easy to strike up a conversation with someone while travelling. My favorite thing about myself (yes, I can totally say this) is that I have friends all over the world. These friendships were formed only because I spoke up, I asked questions… seeked out and listened. If you don’t know where to start, start with these questions.

How long have you been traveling? Where are you going next? Where are you from? Want to go find a new spot for lunch?!


Why indulge in self-obsessive thoughts, when you can seize the beautiful day for all it is worth, ADVENTURE and NEW experiences. Travelling allows you to removing yourself from familiar surroundings, and get out of your comfort zone! Creating a distraction allows for you to focus on yourself and your goals.

Roam free – the sky is the limit.kl.JPG

Restore Balance:

When you’re in a relationship you seem to rely a bit on your significant other, some people more than others, and that’s fine thats what a relationship is, but after a breakup you need to get back to the start and remember who exactly you are, that makes you.. you.

Adventure is out there…. Seize it SOLO if you gotta.

Keep going:

You may never get this time again in your life to leap into the unknown and experience all the simple joys of solo travel. Book an excursion, ride a train by yourself, discover new talents, and create lasting memories .. travel keeps you moving forward.

I will become what I deserve – Ben Howard

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Be Present:

Immersing yourself in travel and adventure allows your senses to expand and mind to become more open. Sometimes when I feel too bombarded in hostals or out with friends I separate myself from everyone (for a few moments or however long I need) and go outside to just breathe, and give thanks.

Be grateful, always.

Learn something new:

One of my tag lines for my website is. Living Slow. Roaming Wide. Traveling like this allows for me to fully grasp and experience how people live in remote parts of the world. I see how people live, they welcome me into their homes, offering tea or chai… I see the sacrifices they make for their families. Open your mind up and remember to be you, always!

Fill your pages beautifully!

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Currently I am living in Madyha Pradesh, India, where I am helping a luxury boutique hotel, Jamtara Wilderness Lodge, with enhancing guest experience, reservations, and operations. I have yet to meet an inhospitable Indian person who won’t feed you, offer you chai, and make you sit down and relax… Jamtara villagers are no exception.

This post is dedicated to one of my dear friends (YOLO, followed by wacky face emoji)!

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One thought on “Travel Can Cure

  1. meganraeyoga says:

    “you need to get back to the start and remember who exactly you are” this is how I feel after every break-up, followed by the urge/need to get out and go explore somewhere! I love this post Kara <3 and I love following your journey!

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