Kanha Jungle Lodge

As we entered the park that spring morning with the sun rising above the sal, I thought today is a new day and we are on the brink of something remarkable.

Millions and millions of years ago the Central Indian Highlands were part of the super-subcontinent called Gondwanaland, which included Australia, Antarctica, Africa and Sound America.

From this split formed the Central Indian Highlands, in Madhya Pradesh, where Kanha National Park is located. A place that is teeming with diverse flora and fauna, you may not see anywhere else in the entire word.


Well that’s all the history buff I have in me today. Let’s chat about where to stay y’all.

Kanha Jungle Lodge

Situated just one mile from the park entrance lies beautiful, and historic Kanha Jungle Lodge. Tarun and Dimple Bahti have called KJL home for 22 years. This stunning property is home to them 8 months out of the year. The property is flowing with nature, from BIG sal trees, to beautiful creatures like butterflies and birds, just steps away from your future cabana, ready for you to explore.

Be welcomed by a light refreshment, and quick introduction of the lodge, I guaranty it will have you thinking “Wait did I ever leave the park?”

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Kanha Jungle Lodge has a beautiful open air concept, they believe in bringing the outdoors in. Not only does this lodge care about the environment but they are also using eco-friendly products from Body Sol, in their bathroom, and buying from local farmers.

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Each room is carefully designed to incorporate the surrounding area, from the authentic safari inspired door handles to the tiger artwork that line the walls of the rooms. Photos below!

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The lodge runs deep in family history with their efforts in wildlife, conservation, and the tiger. In fact the owners grandfather, Kailash Sankhala, actually founded the first tiger reserve in India. Grab a naturalist or the general manager to learn more about their focus on wildlife tourism.

The lodge provides many other options for in between safaris, or during safaris if you’re not up for a full day in the jungle. Head out to the Banjar River for a nature walk with your host, Dimple, to learn about birds, small insects that make up the ecosystem, and butterflies.


Culinary class can be arranged during your stay, you can learn about Indian spices and various types of bread indigenous to this area. Dimple has just launched a recipe book on different dishes served at the lodge, which can be purchased or shipped to your home. Learn how to put on a sari and show off yourself to friends and family at dinner! Your options are endless!

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I’m convinced India is the most hospitable country in the world and Kanha Jungle Lodge is no exception.

Get in touch with the team at KJL for wildlife encounters, yummy cuisine and world class service! –  Contact amit@tigersindia.com to book your adventure soon!

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