10 Tips to Avoid Overpacking

Ahhh. Packing, one of my favorite pass times..… says no one ever.

Just throw some clothes in a bag and get me there right now! Sun and sand here I come!!

So packing isn’t something people look forward to before the a trip, during a trip or packin’ up to go back home. How you pack depends on where you are headed and what type of travel you will be doing.

Are you always carrying extra baggage around?! It’s ok we all do. Here’s a few tips on how to avoid OVERPACKING.

  1. Create a Checklist –

    What a great place to start. I usually make my checklist visually appealing too, but a great way is to break up your list into categories: travel docs, electronics, beauty/hygiene, and clothes. Create a running list a few days before you start packing to remember the little things.

  2. Choosing the right Suitcase –

    Usually long term trips and cooler climates cause for a big suitcase. If you are travelling to multiple cites and have to hop on trains I suggest a modestly-sized suitcase. You don’t want to be hauling a 55 pounder up and down European subway stairwells… been there, it wasn’t pretty, trust me on this one.

Carry on: I use my NorthFace Hotshot waterproof backpack for long travel days. It has so many useful compartments that are convenient for my favs, aka my laptop, paper, and pens.



Caught in the rain – lost in Mexico, December 2015 – lucky I pack light ;)

3. Wear the bulky stuff –

Layer up. When I travel I usually have two layers on, plus a large jacket, and either hiking shoes, or big boots on. I may look like a marshmallow but hey I’m not paying those ridiculous fees.

4. Mix it up –

Choose items you can wear more than once. Solids are great because you won’t stand out as much as a tourist and the colors blend together better. Side note: Graphic Tees to a minimum (crying laughing emoji), t-shirts take up wayyy too much space and you’re probably just going to wear them to bed anyway, so I’d bring only one.

5. Roll with it –

“shirts, pants, shirt shoes. Shirts, pants, shirt, shoes” Roll your clothes so you can pick out your outfit more easily. Keep it wrinkle-free and tight. Dresses especially!

IMG_66416. Travel organizers –

These things are wonderful. I use Sharper Image. I usually bring three of four zip-up containers and organized them by swim gear, socks/panties, and tights/ pj’s.

7. Accessories –

Keep to a minimum, always remember when travelling to stay basic, and don’t try to stand out. If you’re purpose of travel is for attending a special event I would only bring the jewelry you expect to wear during the event, and no over the top accessories during your traveling days. For me I tend to just buy a scarf or a few neat accessory items while travelling. Investing in local economies is my thing, and I try to buy a few days into my travel so I can show off my unique pieces throughout my journey.

8. Shoes, OhMyGawd. Shoes –

These shoes rule. These shoes…. Sorry. That song is way too catchy. Speaking of shoes—no more than three. Yes, three. If you’re in snow you’ll need a shoe that is good for walking and can withstand the weather. Sandals and a nice pair of heels are always needed as well.

IMG_3549.JPG9. Check with the airline –

Always. Before you go check with your airline on their carry-on policies. Most are about 10kg or 22lbs, sometimes you can fit all your belongings in one small bag. Also if you’re a bit paranoid, its best to pick up a luggage scale that will calculate the weight of your bag. Know before you GO!

10. Cosmetic bags and pill organizers –

My best kept secret. And no I don’t use them for their primary purpose. Keep track of all your cords, and electronics in the cosmetic bags, and for the pill boxes I use them to keep my jewelry and earring untangled.IMG_5806.JPG

Over the years I have trained myself that less is truly more…on my most recent trip to India for 3 months I packed only my NorthFace 65 liter backpack and a small NorthFace day backpack. See below!


See yall out there.


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