Photo Series Through India

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Sunset walks into the village for chai, and a look at the simplicity of life in rural India. Girl looking out from behind the school yard gates – Jamtara Village

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Photo taken at Jamtara’s only ‘shop.’ Every week I made it a point to slip away from the lux life to bike or walk into the village, simply to see the neigbs and buy gum. I picked from two different types of gum, Center-Fruit coca-cola flavor, or mixed fruit. Just two. The cashier’s grandma was usually stooped up by the entrance underneath the awning. She’s 102 years old. One day I asked the boy to ask his grandma what her secret to longevity is. He replied, “Ghee.” Or clarified butter, it’s used in most Indian dishes. Bring on the ghee, please.

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Her eyes were full of kindness and compassion. We didn’t speak the same language but I could feel who she was by observing her manner of day to day life. Sometimes I would walk or bike by their home, she would be out with her grandkids.
I would ask: “Aapke se ho?” How are you?
She would always reply “Bahut Achha.” Very good. Very good.

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Cherished moments at sunset

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Mom and daughters getting water at the pump

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Rafeeq – Food and Beverage Manager of Jamtara Wilderness Camp, walking …then running alongside the train as I left Madhya Pradesh for Uttar Pradesh. He had such a positive spirit, that was contagious on me and the guest. I cried after snapping this photo, it was one of the kindest things anyone has done for me. He once told me: “Kara you are a smart, independent woman, and you will good things in the world.”

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Morning light at the Taj Mahal, Agra, India

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We took a bus outside of the city to the fort, Fatehspur Sikri, where a man dedicated his life to religion, soul searchin, and his loves.

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Jantar Mantar – Jaipur // June, Cancer.

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Amber Palace, Jaipur, India

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We paraded the streets to the ceremony, women wore the most elaborate colors my eyes had ever seen, men in long tunics and turbans, I felt like part of the family. The evening before we danced the night away at Sangeet. It was not only a celebration of two families coming together, but a celebration of love.


An entrance fit for a king.. Groom and family/ friends arriving in style at the ceremony in Udaipur.

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Udaipur, India // after attending an indian wedding.

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sup. Udaipur.

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Second to last day in India on the outskirts of Udaipur, the Lake City.

Traveling has taught me we are all very much the same.

This trip has taught me the simple life is worth slowing down for.

The Indian people have taught me, it is a privilege to be alive.

Photos in Madhya Pradesh were all based from Jamtara Wilderness Camp .

Accommodation, Cuisine, Culture, and Tigers.

Tours in Agra and Jaipur were taken using Encounters Asia .

Taj, Forts, Palaces, Cuisine, and Culture.


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