Miracles In A New Light

I believe in miracles.

Not the cheesy Disney fantasy miracles, or even a magicians ‘miracles.’

But you know the day to day ones that only some people notice if we are lucky to be paying attention.

Those ones.

For me a miracle is seeing the world with eyes wide open.

People are so closed off to miracles, even the words turns them off.

Why do people think believing in miracles are only for children? I don’t know when the shift happened, but I do know my life is a miracle, and so is yours.

Miracles to me are when the world conspires to bring me a moment of pure joy.

My miracles are quiet and simple.

Breaking out in full spirit at the end of a run, just because I can.

Taking a walk outside on my lunch break with my healthy lungs and legs.

A miracle because I get to wear shorts, in a country that allows me to roam free (anywhere I want).

Over time watching a seed grow into a beautiful flower.

A miracle is sitting on my mamas porch on a summer afternoon eating homemade ice cream with raspberries sprinkled on top.

A dip in the Atlantic Ocean after a picnic on the beach with my whole family.

Laughing till I happy cry with my girlfriends in our pj’s.

The stillness of the water, on a new day as I walk on a pier.

A miracle.

The other day my boyfriend used the word miracle three times. Three times.

I didn’t dare tell him to use a different adjective because maybe to him Oreos and milk EVERYDAY after work, really is… a miracle.

Did he actually think that the rain clearing up was a miracle? The third time he used the word miracle, I just kinda stared off in the distance, until I finally saw what he saw.

It was on this day I silently decided I will never challenge anyone to use a different adjective to describe their feelings at that particular moment in time.

And so it goes…

We were near the beach around dusk, like we usually find ourselves most evenings and I asked

“Do you see this sunset?!”

He replied “Yes, It’s a miracle.”

And I just thought that was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Carry your story well, learn from it as you go (from others and yourself), and believe your being here on earth is a miracle within itself. Live your best life today!





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