Mood Board

Ya’ll creativity is a fickle creature. One day it’s my BFF the next it deserts me. The other night I felt like spicing up my creative juices after reading a magazine.  I got out all my crafts, sprawled them out on my floor, put an old throwback CD in my computer and started visualizing how I wanted my board to look.

These days, people use too much of their time staring at screens, this allowed for me to think outside of the box, and physically create something that will inspire me.

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises one can do. After creating my mood-board I felt renewed and felt like I just got a fresh start. I acknowledged the good that has happened in my life… like the photos I included on my HS grad, and college grad, and the joys I felt when I lived in S. America. Acknowledging the good is the foundation for all abundance.

I included a mirror because I know, I’m the only person that will take me as far as I want to go in life. To the left is a little note I found in my files.. “I firmly believe that you can talk and talk, and complain and empathize with others but to change your life you must actually change your life” ….escapism.

I created “Kara’s 10 Commandments” back in high school 2008..? They may seem cliche but its all the truth, and real to me. And that’s what I strive to be the way of truth and to be authentic.

In making my mood board I remembered to say YES to the Now, by recognizing my journey, and then making it my friend, rather than an obstacle, problem or enemy. Everyday life gives us a choice to sit it out or to participate/ dance (let me Lee Ann Wo -MACK that on ya).

Although one of my strengths is art my mood board wont stand out to yours, just as my life will not. I’m content with being nobody in particular. I’m only special to myself. This I know.

This is my mood. I’m going to life in the Now.

I hope this inspires you to make something for yourself… however that may look…make a life you love.

Have a great weekend readers and friends.


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