My Beloved World

Dear My Beloved World,

Of all the feelings I have felt, my predominant feeling is gratitude.

I am grateful I have experienced many things, some wonderful, some horrible, and that I have been able to see much of the world, yet know all the while home isn’t too far away.

As of recently I realized my multilayered life has allowed for me to meet people young and old, in all walks of life, each and every one I cross continues to teach me life lessons. What an honor it is to live out my fate, and carve out my own path.

In being fully honest I will say there has been let downs, bust, and breakups, but each has been a catalyst for new ideas and forthcomings, only because I wish to see it that way.

And the greatest blessing, above all you ask?

Is that I am a sentient being.

Someone that has passion, is able to express their opinion openly and freely.

Someone who has deep compassion for the world and its people. Can talk to whoever -whenever. Is able to pick out an outfit for the day. Ride a bike, run, swim, eat, laugh, sing and dance. Someone who loves, and has been given so much honest, genuine love in return.

What an enormous privilege it has all been.

Thank You World





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