An East Hill Home, That Settled Down a Wanderer


No one ever talks about the mental aspects of settling down, personally I think it takes maturity, and guts.

At it’s core it’s an outward manifestation of how you’ve become settled within.

I’m confident enough to start my next chapter.. I have found my personal escape with ultimately is my company (which starts with giving a local a job) and my significant other (my home, my adventure).

Living, working, and traveling in dozens of countries around the globe has allowed for me to see the world differently. To come home with a newfound appreciation of cultures, food, and worldly values. My favorite souvenirs have been the memories but I brought back a few modest keepsakes, which are displayed throughout the Hideway.

The East Hill Hideaway, is the most proper name we came up with.

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I always envisioned my home to be an oasis, an escape, looks like my wish came true.

Find the yellow house tucked away behind the shady oak trees, possibly a magpie perched on a palm tree, a couple squirrels playfully chasing each other across the lawn, and you found the abode. Driving up you can smell the distant salty gulf just a few blocks down the street. Ahh, my retreat from the day. A warm hug to welcome me in, a light kiss to greet me, a safe place to lay my head and relax.

An abundance of light. Tall ceilings. Vintage doors with antique knobs. Gorgeous hardwood floors.

Equipped with two non-working fireplaces, but lack of, makes up for how aesthetically pleasing they are.

On the mantle are gifts displayed from near and far. My home, my haven, filled with adventure, tucked away on the Florida Gulf Coast.

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A nest where I can be free to express myself and dive more into my passions. All the while knowing adventure is all around me, and something I permanently carry in my heart.

The East Hill Hideaway that settled down a Wanderer.

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My Indian bird book from my internship in MP, India

unnamed (2)

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