Well November you're over and the last month of the year is in full holiday swing. When I think of the month November I think of Thanksgiving.. it also serves as a time for me to evaluate my year thus far, and plan for my last month, December, 2016. Most people associate November with food + family. So, … Continue reading November


Final Thoughts on 2016 – My Happiness Project

The year of my Happiness Project: This year was a reminder to never get too complacent and comfortable but to always push yourself to the limit. I want to be someone who is always learning. With being the Cancer that I am, everything I do seems to be driven by my feelings and emotions. One of … Continue reading Final Thoughts on 2016 – My Happiness Project


Connecting to community can be difficult. It's not like college where you are constantly surrounded by people in your social circle and in my opinion still living in a bubble.  A plethora of hand lending opportunities we’re always encircled around me in college, all I had to do was sign up right there, and remember … Continue reading August