Miracles In A New Light

I believe in miracles. Not the cheesy Disney fantasy miracles, or even a magicians ‘miracles.’ But you know the day to day ones that only some people notice if we are lucky to be paying attention. Those ones. For me a miracle is seeing the world with eyes wide open. People are so closed off … Continue reading Miracles In A New Light


Top 6 Affordable Destinations for Winter Sun

Well it’s official, Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are upon us. Do you feel the need to get some sunshine this winter season? Relaxing on the beach sippin on a coconut or pina colada sounds pretty good right now. In fact, I just did it last winter.. Tulum, Mexico – December 29th  Letsbehonest. You’ve been good all year, and … Continue reading Top 6 Affordable Destinations for Winter Sun