Pensacola Parks

Who says a little sunshine and sandy toes can't be enjoyed every season of the year? Fall is just around the corner and I can't wait for temperatures to drop so I can explore our beautiful parks, without the summer heat! Crystal blue waters, white-powder beaches, and salt marshes line the Florida Gulf Coast. Now … Continue reading Pensacola Parks


Miracles In A New Light

I believe in miracles. Not the cheesy Disney fantasy miracles, or even a magicians ‘miracles.’ But you know the day to day ones that only some people notice if we are lucky to be paying attention. Those ones. For me a miracle is seeing the world with eyes wide open. People are so closed off … Continue reading Miracles In A New Light

Unequivocal State

I’ve entered a land of uncharted territories. It’s beautiful yet terrifying. Unlike anything I’ve ever touched. I press on, curious. With courage. Vulnerable nights. Mornings I want to stop for eternity. . An unknown realm I’ve never entered before. I could live like this forever. I could live here forever.